Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Audry's here!

This beautiful young lady is our newest granddaughter, Audry Elizabeth. Everybody is fine, but she made her mother go through 32 hours of labor before she decided to join us. Her doctor didn't know why she took so long to be born, but I suspect it was because she knew that as soon as she was born, her share of the federal debt would be $140,000.00.

Here Audry suggests to her cousin Hannah that they might be able to convince Grandma and Grandpa to help them with a lemonade stand next summer so they could get started paying on that enormous bill that the federal government just handed them. Hannah doesn't like to discuss business or politics on a full tummy or an empty diaper.


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The national debt grew from 709.3 billion in 1980 to 2,410.4 billion in 1990; a 3.40-fold increase.

At this rate, the girls will enter fifth grade owing $476,000 and over $1 million when they gradudate from college.

From an article titled, "Rising debt load is U.S. nightmare" comes this observation:

"Americans have just posted a year of spending more than they earn, the first year of negative national savings since 1933, during the Great Depression."

and . . .

"The federal debt is $8.2 trillion, up from $5.5 trillion just seven years go. "

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