Thursday, June 22, 2006

Public or Private?

The latest controversy surrounding the Wayne County Economic Development Commission is just another example of the consequences when the government gets involved in what should ostensibly be a private matter. Is the EDC a public entity? Of course it is. How could an organization that that relies almost exclusively on your tax dollars to exist be any thing else.

Should the EDC be a public entity. Of course not. Investment in private business is both the responsibility and opportunity of owners and investors that stand to gain (or lose) from that investment.

We have seen many times how the government's forced redistribution of wealth from the working class to the poor has resulted in billions of dollars of waste, and the creation of generations totally dependent on welfare handouts.

The EDC as it now exists redistributes tax money from the working class to the wealthy, and the Wayne County Council needs to put a stop to it, whether the benefactor is a County Commissioner, or a slick businessman from Minnesota.


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