Wednesday, June 28, 2006

That's not why I'm running..

The other night I was talking to a group of people about my thoughts on property taxes, explaining why I thought they are unfair, why I thought they should be eliminated, and offering what I believe to be a reasonable and workable plan for reducing property taxes while we are on our way to eliminating them.

The LPIN put forth a proposal a few years ago to tax all houses on a square foot basis, and land on a per acre basis, equally for all houses and land, with the lowest valuation in the county or town setting the standard. It's not perfect, but it does keep homeowners from being penalized for improving their homes, and it protects land owners if the government decides to rezone their property.

Some were concerned that this would cut the governments revenue. My answer was that indeed it would. But I'm not running for office to find ways to give government all the money it can spend, and I'm not running to find ways to give the government all the money it wants.

I'm running to trim government back to where it performs the essential services that are mandated by the federal and state constitutions, and to find the fairest way to fund those essential services.

That, and maybe to get rid of this !#@x<&* Daylight Savings Time!!!!


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