Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wayne County Fair 2006

Thanks to everyone that helped out and visited our tent at the Wayne County Fair this week. We handed out about 700 palm cards espousing the wisdom of voting for Libertarians. We also found out that the 3 main things a lot Wayne County voters are upset with are property taxes, Mitch Daniels, and Wayne County Commissioner Tom 'Slick' Dickman.
From the comments we've received, I'm confident that will translate into a lot of Libertarian votes this November 7th.

Ross Bell assists some fair visitors with "The World's Smallest Political Quiz".

Gayle Bond "Quizzed" this "Democrat" that landed solidly in the Libertarian corner.

Kevin Wickes discusses the current political climate with a disgruntled voter.

Jim Staley shows off one of our new banners.


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