Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hope springs eternal...

For the last few years, I've been buying my work boots from Steve Guinn, a fellow Libertarian that owns Guinn's Boot Barn in Cammack. Cammack is a small village between Muncie and Yorktown that has both city limit signs on the same post, but that is another story.

Steve hooked me up with some Cape boots a few years back, and I've been buying them ever since. Cape was a family owned business in Missouri that made an excellent boot, then unionized, and then went out of business.

So when I called Steve last week to make sure he had a pair of my particular boots in my particular size in stock, he informed me of the company's fate, and he also told me he had three pair of the boots I liked in my size.

Now I had a decision to make. Should a 54 year old man with bad knees and high blood pressure invest in three pairs of work boots? I'm to the point that I seldom buy green bananas, or watch television shows that will be continued next week, so three pairs of work boots seemed like a stretch.

But I'm also a little bit of an optimist. I think you have to be to run for office as a Libertarian. The odds are kind of long. And the higher the office, the longer the odds. But I'm optimistic enough to believe that some people are getting tired of the ever upward spiraling cost of government, and some of them might consider voting for a Libertarian. And I'm optimistic enough to believe that some people are tired of seeing their property rights fading away, and they might vote for a Libertarian.

Heck, I'm optimistic enough to buy three pair of work boots.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Parade Shirts are here!!!

We recieved our first shipment of parade shirts. "VOTE BELL for STATE REPRESENTATIVE". With Jon Bell running for District 56 and Rex Bell running for District 54, it's almost like getting two shirts for the price of one! Let me know what size you need before our next parade. We have S,M,L and XL. They cost us about $12.00, but if you consider the double duty aspect, it almost seems like you're getting 2 shirts for $6.00!!!!! It's almost like one of those win-win situations our county commissioners like to talk about! Drop me a note at

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Congratulations....I think!

When I asked for candidates for the Clay Township Advisory Board, three volunteers stepped up. We really only needed one, as it turns out, because the Republicans only nominated 2 people for the position, and the Democrats didn't nominate anybody.
The top three vote getters win a spot on the board, so unless I've missed something or misfigured my guzintas, at the very least, either Conley Tillson, Marvin Heacox or Cheryl Heacox will be the second elected Libertarian serving in Wayne County after the election this fall.

And that's if we don't win any of our other races.

Which we just might.

If we work real hard.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gee, officer, I was only kidding....

The Muncie Star-Press has a nasty habit of editing letters to the editor, but they did run a portion of this one about the new "Road Rage Law".

Apparently it is legal to honk your horn and wave your hand, but you can be fined $1500.00 and spend some time in jail if you honk your horn and wave with your finger. Go figure.

Another law that gives the police a lot of descretionary power.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The things you see when you don't have a camera...

I drove up behind an Amish buggy today, and followed it for a couple of moments while waiting for an opening to pass. The driver was obeying the Wayne County law that requires a registration sticker for horse drawn vehicles, and he was obeying the Indiana law that requires a flourescent orange triangle on vehicles that travel at a speed of less than 25 MPH.

He did however, manage to get off one shot. Plastered across his slow moving vehicle emblem was a "Elect Rex Bell for District 54 Representative" bumper sticker!

Unfortunately, the photo ID requirements at the polls are wreaking havoc on my attempts to register Amish voters.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Well, Gee Mitch..Thanks..I Guess..Kinda

My friend Brian Bex tells a story about a hunter, who after a fruitless day in search of some dinner, built a fire with some wood his dog had gathered. He then chopped off the dog's tail, cooked it on the fire, ate the meat that was on the tail, and then tossed the bones to the dog, who was so happy to have a bone to chew on that he licked his master's hand in gratitude.

A gruesome story, but it comes to mind when I hear people cheering about Mitch Daniel's efforts to bring manufacturing jobs to Indiana. Sure, we need jobs here in Indiana, but we need to remember we had jobs in Indiana. Jobs from companies that had invested and risked their own capital to build a business. Companies that provided hundreds of thousands of jobs to the citizens of Indiana before the politicians and bureacrats taxed and regulated them out of business or out of the country.

I'm happy we are getting some jobs in the state. I'm not too happy that Mitch spent nearly $150 million of our money too buy a few hundred jobs that an unfettered free market would have provided for nothing.