Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Well, Gee Mitch..Thanks..I Guess..Kinda

My friend Brian Bex tells a story about a hunter, who after a fruitless day in search of some dinner, built a fire with some wood his dog had gathered. He then chopped off the dog's tail, cooked it on the fire, ate the meat that was on the tail, and then tossed the bones to the dog, who was so happy to have a bone to chew on that he licked his master's hand in gratitude.

A gruesome story, but it comes to mind when I hear people cheering about Mitch Daniel's efforts to bring manufacturing jobs to Indiana. Sure, we need jobs here in Indiana, but we need to remember we had jobs in Indiana. Jobs from companies that had invested and risked their own capital to build a business. Companies that provided hundreds of thousands of jobs to the citizens of Indiana before the politicians and bureacrats taxed and regulated them out of business or out of the country.

I'm happy we are getting some jobs in the state. I'm not too happy that Mitch spent nearly $150 million of our money too buy a few hundred jobs that an unfettered free market would have provided for nothing.


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