Thursday, August 10, 2006

Trash talk....

The scary thing about this letter in the Indianapolis Star is that it was written by a real person who really believes that the government should be allowed to use whatever means it deems necessary to bring about compliance by it's citizens.

The State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, Mark Rutherford, pointed out in his blog why it is important to be a Libertarian. Don't think for a minute that the loss of liberty that has happened in other countries can't happen here.

We should be fighting tooth and nail to defend our freedom, instead of asking the government to take it from us, especially when those in power are so eager to oblige.


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Forcing Americans to sort trash is unconscionable. The next thing you know they'll be requiring us to wear seatbelts, register our children with the Social Security and prohibiting smoking on public sidewalks.

I know it sounds like 1984, but believe me, it could happen in America!

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