Sunday, August 06, 2006

What a novel idea...

The August 6th editorial in the Muncie-Star Press, Governments simple task-trim spending, suggests that government needs to find ways to reduce it's cost of operation. What a novel idea! I wonder why nobody ever thought of that before?

When Cheryl Heacox and I ran for Wayne County Commissioner in 2004, part of our platform suggested that every department of government could find ways to trim 5 or 10% out of it's budget. The Richmond Palladium-Item blasted us for not having an understanding of how government worked.

Then, when the City of Richmond, with it's Democratic Mayor, faced budget shortfalls, the Pal-Item called for 10% budget cuts across the board. I guess it has a lot to do with who makes the suggestion.

I don't really care who makes the suggestion. But when we get a Democrat newspaper and a Republican newspaper calling for reducing the cost of government, then maybe the time for some Libertarian ideas has arrived.


Blogger Mike Kole said...

Rex- Just wait for the first response from the city officials. I'll bet you a dime to a dollar that their first proposed cut is in public safety- police, fire, EMS, etc.- which are among the very few things municipal governments really should be doing.

They always go for the essentials first so as to scare the public and to protect the spending on non-essentials.

This happened in Indianapolis recently. Mayor Bart Peterson's ploy was to threaten layoffs of police. 11 murders in 5 days in Indy this week. Good thinking, Bart!

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