Saturday, January 13, 2007

And that's the way I like it....

Hagerstown could best be described as a small town, and for the most part I lead a fairly uneventful life. I can pull out of my driveway (I always stop and look both ways, but usually I wouldn't have to),and be at the coffee shop within three minutes. And I can make it back home just as quickly if the coffee starts to have its effects on my system.

I compare that scenario to my eldest son's situation out in Fishers, where one of the most important attributes a house can have is stoplight at the end of your street so that you can pull into traffic without risking too many lives.

I also compare it to a recent trip I took to San Antonio for my nephew's wedding. I'm not sure why a couple million people decided they needed to go somewhere on the same road I needed to be on that day, or why they felt like they needed to drive 80 MPH to get there, or how much sooner they were going to arrive at wherever they were going by riding the bumper of the car in front of them.

I was awfully happy to get back to Hagerstown, and I've been trying to think of some advantage to to living in a fast growing metropolis. Certainly the property taxes aren't lower, the schools aren't any better, the crime rate isn't lower, and the cost of living certainly isn't any more affordable.

And if I get the notion that I need a little more excitement in my life than the local coffee shop and hardware store can afford, I'm less than an hour away from several cities that can scratch that itch.

So I plan on spending my remaining days in my small town, and I'll be happy when a small business decides to locate here, and I'll begrudgingly accept it if a larger business decides to locate here. I certainly don't intend to stand in the way of anybody's ambition. But I won't jump on the wagon with the people that want to forcibly take part of my income and use it to bribe businesses to come to Hagerstown.

Now, I think I'll drive down for a cup of coffee. Then I'll drive back home.

Boring, huh?


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