Monday, February 05, 2007

I was right, so what do I win?

A belated Happy Ground Hog Day to you all. Apparently he predicted an early spring, which is good news because it's 7 below zero this morning with a 15 MPH wind.

Of course, being right in your predictions isn't always a good thing.

I was giving my desk it's annual monthly cleaning the other day when I ran across a list of predictions I had made a while back. After George Bush and Mitch Daniels had won their respective offices, a member of the local GOP was trying to convince me how much better off we were going to be than if the competition had won.

Being as we didn't see eye to eye, I told him I would make a list of predictions as to where we would be in two years, and he would do the same. Then we could compare the lists in February, 2007.

Here is what I predicted:
1. The federal debt will increase.

2. The United States will still have troops in Iraq and 140 other countries.

3. U.S. casualties in Iraq will exceed the casualties from the 9/11/01 attacks.

4. Osama bin Laden will still be alive, or dead of natural causes.

And in Indiana, I predicted that the cost of government per capita would increase, and that seat belt use would be required in pick-up trucks.

Admittedly, the seat belt thing hasn't happened yet, but the push is on again this year.

I guess I could look him up and rub his nose in it since I hit 5 out of 6, but I really don't feel like gloating about it.


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