Saturday, March 03, 2007

Knock 'im out, John...

A few years back, comedian Jerry Clower told a story about going hunting one night with his friend, John. To make a long story short, John climbed a tree to roust a raccoon, only to discover the animal in the tree was actually a bobcat. In the middle of the ensuing fracas, John called out for his friend on the ground to shoot the animal. When his friend replied that he couldn't shoot, for fear of hitting him, John replied, "Well just shoot up here amongst us. One of us has got to have some relief!"

For several years and sessions, the Indiana Legislature has been talking about providing some relief to the property tax-payers of the state. It hasn't happened in the past, and all indications are that it isn't going to happen this year, either.

Hoosier voters have taken their shots, electing Republicans and Democrats as Governors and Legislators, sometimes letting one party control both branches, sometimes in different combinations, but always with the same results. While our elected officials might get together long enough to vote themselves a pay raise, or pass a few questionably beneficial programs at our expense, neither party seems overly interested in putting party politics aside and getting down to the business of eliminating property taxes and the unfair and arbitrary assessment system that is driving many Hoosiers from their homes.

Perhaps its time for Hoosier voters to consider adding a few members to the legislature that aren't bound to follow either the Democrat or Republican lines. Someone who could examine a bill on its merits, regardless of its author or party of origin. Maybe a few Libertarians, or a few independents, or a combination of your choosing.

Take your pick, and take your shot. We all need some relief.


Blogger Jim Staley said...

Wouldn't it be nice if, through elected diversity, we could do away with the phrase "passed/failed on a party-line vote"? I guess we first need to do away with the "straight ticket voter"!

2:36 PM  

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