Saturday, September 08, 2007

Can you spare some change?...

If you drive through New Castle, you will see a lot of yard signs that read "Democrats for Jim Small". Small is the Republican candidate for Mayor this fall. It's causing quite a stir around town. Seems a lot of Democrats were disgusted by the nasty campaigns in the primaries last spring, and by some questionable decisions by candidates in 2003.

Regardless of the reasons, I am glad to see people are willing to openly proclaim that they will vote across party lines. A lot of people claim that they vote for the candidate, not the party, but I have to wonder how many people are really able to do that once they enter the voting booth.

A few years ago, when the Libertarian Party of Wayne County was still in it's infancy, the county council race consisted of 3 Libertarians, 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats. The Republican candidates were firmly imbedded in the county machine, and as would be expected in Wayne County, won the election handily. While only one of the Libertarian candidates had ever been elected to office, all three were solid candidates with business and work experience, and drew respectable vote totals for a young party.

Shortly before the election, one of the Democrat candidates was arrested for shoplifting cold medicine from a local store. He spent the weekend in jail, plead guilty to the charges, and went on to receive more votes than any of the Libertarian candidates.

This year, Gayle Bond is running for a spot on the Hagerstown Town Council on the Libertarian ticket. Last week, one of the town fathers told Gayle that he liked his ideas, and that he would endorse him if he was running as a Republican.

That's not the type of attitude that is conducive to bringing about much needed improvements in the way our government works.

I hope it's an attitude that is changing. I guess we'll find out in November.


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