Sunday, September 23, 2007

Timing is everything...

Sometimes things just fall in your lap. Sunday afternoon I was working on the October installment of my monthly column. It concerns government spending, (surprise, surprise!) and I had a desk top full of figures and numbers that I had gathered for reference.

Just as I was finishing, the phone rang, and a representative of the Republican National Caucus thanked me for my support of the Republican Party, and asked if I would rather send $100.00 or $150.00 to help them out in their conservative effort to rein in the government.

After my 3 minute tirade on the growth of spending and of the national debt in the last several years, complete with the percentages of growth under Republican Presidents, Republican Congresses and a Supreme Court stacked with Republican judges, I asked him why in the world a Libertarian that favored limited government should even consider donating to the Republican Party.

There was a brief silence on the line, and then he asked me if I would consider donating $25.00 or $50.00 to the party.

Sometimes life sucks, but sometimes it's too much fun.


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Sept. 26, 2007

Dear Editor:

Each year at this time the foundation asks you to register key staff at

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And yes, our 14 columnists, most of them holding doctorates, will do their best to be available at deadline.

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Cecil Bohanon, Ph.D. — A founding contributor to the quarterly journal, Dr. Bohanon is a professor of economics at Ball State University. He can be counted on to be among the first to constructively question the projections and economic rationale of government projects or programs.

Eric Schansberg, Ph.D. — A popular lecturer for the foundation, Dr. Schansberg is a professor of economics at Indiana University and author of the IPR series: “A Thinking Christian’s Guide to Public Policy.” His article this summer on Indiana tax reform was published in the Wall Street Journal.

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