Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Means and ends...

Our church is currently going through a major renovation. We do what we can to help out with the money that Uncle Sam, Uncle Mitch and Uncle Myron allow us to keep and spend as we see fit. I think a lot of people will get some benefit from the new addition. Probably a lot of people won't.

It was a small church when my wife and children started attending several years ago, and it had grown quite a bit by the time I started attending regularly. I'm glad the congregation decided to put forth the time and money it takes to complete a project this size. I probably wouldn't feel the same way if they had forced the members or the community to provide the funding.

A lot of people in Wayne County are excited this week because a company is locating its new facility in one of the county's industrial parks. Even Mitch Daniels is coming over to join in the festivities. The Wayne County Economic Development Commission, along with the Indiana EDC and other officials gave the company around $4 million worth of land, grants and tax credits.

Now, I'm always happy when a new business brings new jobs to the area. And I think it's an excellent idea for a group like the EDC to serve as a go between for prospective businesses and willing investors.

It's important to a lot of people too have growing businesses in the community. It's also important to a lot of people too have growing churches in the community.

It's also important that we aren't forced to fund either.


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