Saturday, October 06, 2007

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Seems like everything needs a disclaimer these days. I saw a towel dispenser in a public restroom the other day that warned ( with a graphic picture) not to place your head through the loop in the towel and sit down on the floor or you might be injured or killed. Apparently that has been a problem at some time.

My disclaimer on this next observation is that I was raised on a farm, my wife was raised on a farm, and we still have several family members on each side of the house that are involved in farming. I also have a lot of friends that are farmers, and I appreciate the work they do to keep us fed.

There are a lot of signs popping up in yards in the area that state "Got Breakfast? Thank a Farmer". They have a picture of a couple of slices of bacon and a fried egg under the caption. Chances are a lot of us will be washing down that bacon, which very likely came from a corporate owned CAFO, and the eggs, which likely came from a 100,000 hen laying house, with a glass of milk that came from a mega dairy staffed by people that are here, either legally or illegally, from Mexico.

I know that somebody still has to feed the cows and pigs and chickens, but it's a different world than when I was a kid, when Dad and almost every farmer in the county had cows, pigs and a few chickens on the farm. I'm not saying things are better or worse, but we need to be honest with ourselves about how things work.

For disclaimer number two, let me say that I like to see viable businesses start-up or expand in the area. I'm not too crazy about when those businesses are given confiscated taxpayer dollars, but that is a subject for a later discussion. This company that is coming to Wayne County promises to bring 1000 jobs. I wish this new company the best of luck, but don't try to justify the nearly $4 million you received from the taxpayers by inflating the number of employees you actually expect to hire.

My old pal Stinky Wilmont used to say, "Don't pee in my ear and tell me that it's raining."

I think that's a reasonable request.


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