Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Well excuuuuuse me!!!!....

There are several towns in Indiana that won't be holding elections next Tuesday, and a few right here in Wayne County. That's what happens when there aren't any contested races for elected positions. I would think people would be upset that they don't have a chance to decide on who gets to spend their money. Maybe some of them would be, but apparently not all of them.

In Hagerstown, Gayle Bond, a Libertarian, is challenging three incumbent Town Board members for one of the at-large positions that are up for election this year. Since the other town positions that are up this year are unopposed, the one position on the Town Board is only position where voters get to make a choice.

The other day Gayle told me a couple of people had called him on the carpet because he running for the office and forcing Hagerstown to hold an election.

There are some issues concerning management and spending in Hagerstown that need to be addressed, and not all citizens in the town believe that all of the incumbents are up to the task of addressing those issues satisfactorily. They believe Gayle can.

So after Tuesday, a lot of people will be hoping it wasn't Gayle that forced them to have an election. They're hoping it will turn out to be one of the incumbents


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