Saturday, December 22, 2007

What was the question again?....

Once again we find that if they can get you to ask the wrong question, it doesn't matter what the answer is. The Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform has people arguing and debating over whether assessors should be elected or appointed. The correct answer is neither.

The elimination of the current property tax system would also eliminate the cost of and need for assessors, and several feasible plans for eliminating property taxes have been proposed. Unfortunately, Governor Daniels and the current crop of legislators have decided that these alternate plans won't provide adequate revenue to support the government in the fashion to which it has become accustomed.

So we end up with a bunch of bureaucrats trying to convince us that a tax which could cause you to lose your home, because your property taxes went up, because its value went up, because your neighbor sold his house for more than he paid for it, could ever be simple or fair.

We need to make sure we are asking the right questions, and we need to put some people in office that will give the right answers.


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