Thursday, January 03, 2008

And the winner is...

I've always been a little suspect of our country's efforts to spread democracy to other nations. It's not that I have anything against democracy, as long as constitutional protections and individual rights remain intact. But one of the things that makes democracy work in the United States is the knowledge that after the election, the loser will step aside, no matter how he or she feels about the winner. We've all seen some nasty campaign claims give way to some humble concession speeches.

That isn't the case in many places around the world. In many places the losing candidate or his supporters declare themselves too be a general, and start shooting at the winner. We're seeing it now in Kenya, and we've seen it in the past in Iraq. I suspect we'll see it in the future in Iraq, too. The world is full of sore losers, I guess.

Up in Anderson right now, Mayor Kevin Smith is refusing to step down for the newly elected Mayor Kris Ockomon. Apparently he thinks there is a length of residency problem. Maybe there is. I just hope they can get things settled without too much fighting.

And before the troops go in.


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