Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Just a little off the top...

Back when I was a kid, there was a barber in our town with questionable skills in barbering. It was pretty well accepted by both him and his customers that the haircut was going to be mediocre at best, and when he was finished, the last thing he said before he let you out of the chair was "Well, that's not very good, but it's the best I can do".

I hadn't thought about him for a while, but he came to mind after John McCain clinched the Republican nomination for President last night. Nobody seems to excited about it, and the main discussion seems to be that he might be the Republicans' best chance at beating the Democrats this fall.

Now, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that it really doesn't make a whole lot of difference whether we have a Democrat or a Republican in the White House, the same way it doesn't make much difference which party is in charge of Congress. Government continues to grow at about the same rate regardless of who is in charge. Still, if the Democrats are trying to run their best Democrat, as Democrats go, you would think the Republicans would want to run their best Republican, as Republicans go.

I don't know who I'll be voting for this fall, but I have decided it won't be the candidate the Republicans or Democrats are putting on the ballot. This may be the best they can do, but I know I can do better.

We all can.


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