Monday, July 28, 2008

Life's been good to me so far...

(Apologies to Joe Walsh)

I have a tendency to get worked up about things. Probably more than some people, but probably not as much as others. Usually it's about something the government has done or is getting ready to do. And then sometimes I quit thinking about the government and I remember that I've got it pretty good.

Last Sunday was one of those times. My parents celebrated their 60th anniversary and Dad's 80th birthday with an open house at the little country church they've attended for those 60 years. Mom and Dad raised 8 children, kept us fed and clothed, warm and loved, made sure that we made it to that church every Sunday, and then sent us on our way.

We went in a lot of different directions, but we all made it back home for this.
Mom, Dad, and the original "Eight is Enough"

We still get along pretty good, and we sat and stood still for the pictures without Mom having to get on any of us to much, one of the advantages of getting a little older I guess.

We also brought quite an entourage with us. From all the begetting that started back about 1950, with the children and their spouses, and the grand children and their spouses, and the great-grand children, we now number 61. Somehow we ended up scattered to the 4 corners of the world, but 57 of us made it in for Mom and Dad's day. And they"re proud of every one of them. Even the Libertarians.

Generation 2,3 and 4

Of course I'm kind of proud of my limb of the family tree, too. And when I saw the crowd of family and friends that turned out to honor Mom and Dad, it's easy to understand why. They come from good stock.


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