Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not me....

It wasn't always easy to get one of kids to fess up when Mom asked who tracked mud across the living room floor, or when Dad asked who left the milkhouse door open. It really wasn't something you wanted to admit to.

We see the same thing a lot of times when it gets towards the end of an elected official's term of office. For the number of people who will admit voting for them, you have to wonder how Mitch or George ever won their elections.

I've had a lot of discussions with people explaining why I think they should vote for me this fall, and asking for their support in my race even if they cast their vote for another party in another race.

Most voters tell me they never vote a straight ticket, anyway, because they prefer to vote for the person instead of a party. I think that is a good thing. At least it shows they're thinking.

But in 2006, 43% of the voters in Wayne County cast straight ticket ballots, which tells me that people who cast straight ticket ballots don't talk to Libertarians.

I guess.



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