Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What and how....

I think most presidential candidates, like most people, want the same things. Generally speaking, we all want the United States to be free, safe and prosperous, although the definition of "free" varies from candidate to candidate and person to person. The main difference between the candidates is how the things we want should be accomplished. Since the poor will always be among us, certainly helping them out will always be necessary.

One of the core principles of Libertarian thought is that we should begin moving welfare from the tax burden and return it to private charity where it began and belongs. Traditionally, that was closer to the Republican way of thinking, while Democrats generally favored a little more involvement by the government.

While being an overtaxed family of modest means, we do support charities both inside and outside of our church as best we can, maintaining that we should keep the right to decide where our charitable dollars are spent.

A while back, George Bush decided to implement his faith
based initiative, where tax dollars were used even more to fund charities. Many Democrats were opposed to this plan, not for the right reasons in my opinion, but never the less, they were opposed to it.

As the line between Republicans and Democrats continues to blur, we find Barak Obama endorsing giving tax dollars to faith based charities. I'm anxious to hear the Democrats' response to the plan now.

I already know the Libertarian response.

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