Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wayward wind

If you've never been to the Mooreland Fair, it's a little hard to explain. While there is a carnival, tractor pulls, truck pulls and horse pulls, it's mostly just people visiting with other people. Thousands of them. Since I was raised just 2 miles south of Mooreland, it is one of my favorite places to have a booth when I'm on the campaign trail. I get to visit with a lot of people I've known for 56 years, but only see once a year. It's a little tiring to man the booth every night after work, but it's always a good time.

On Wednesday evening, we handed out about 250 helium balloons, and apparently a few escaped. I received an e-mail yesterday from somebody in Kingston, Ohio, about 130 miles away, telling me that he had found a balloon, and wishing me good luck in the election. Even as cut-up and gerry-mandered as District 54 is, I'm pretty sure he won't be able to vote for me, but I appreciate the thought.

One of the effects of the 2000 redistricting by the legislature was to make District 54 safe for Republicans, and especially safe for Republican incumbents, so much so that the Democrats opted not to offer a candidate for the district this year.

I made it a point to discuss the situation with the Chairman of the Henry County Democrats and several of the candidates whose booth was located across from mine. I suggested that voting a straight Democratic ticket this fall would amount to not only losing their vote in District 54, but would in effect amount to a vote for the Republican incumbent.

I'm happy to report they concurred.

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