Friday, September 19, 2008

40 rod from a galloping horse...

One of my early mentors in the trades was a skilled carpenter who advised me on work ethic as often as he judged my work. Not one to hand out flowery compliments, one of his favorite comments on the acceptability of a mitre cut was " It'll pass at 40 rod from a galloping horse." I guess he meant it would be alright, if you didn't look too close or too long.

I think Sarah Palin is going to work out the same way. It didn't really matter to me who John McCain chose as a running mate, any more than it mattered to me who Barack Obama chose as a running mate. I'm convinced that no matter who they chose, or who wins the election, 4 years from now we'll still have troops in 140 or so countries around the world, our national debt and unfunded liabilities will be approaching $100 trillion, and government taxes and regulation will still consume about half of my income.

But watching from the bullpen, I first thought the presidential election was the Democrats' to lose. Even when they tried to split the party in the primaries, I was half convinced that anybody they ran could probably beat anybody the Republicans put up. Even John McCain. Sarah Palin probably brought enough conservative Republicans back on board to make it an even race. Maybe even enough to win.

But only if they want a win so bad that they don't slow down and look too close. Or too long.



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