Thursday, October 23, 2008

Say What?!...

Sometimes it's not as much what is said, as it is who says it. The things our fathers told us when we were teenagers didn't carry nearly as much weight as the same proclamation when made by one of our buddies, or a coach. One time I was working for a restaurant owner here in Hagerstown, and I gave him my suggestion for insulating a cold table. He rejected my idea, until a specialist from Indianapolis suggested the same idea. Then it was accepted as gospel. I wasn't offended or upset. I know that is how things work.

At a candidate forum today, a county council candidate called the idea put forth by Libertarian candidates of eliminating property taxes "unrealistic". Again, I am neither offended or upset. I know it has been considered a radical departure from the time honored procedures for funding local government, and I know how much local governments enjoy a constant and predictable flow of tax dollars. I also know that most of the support for eliminating property taxes will come from outside of political circles. Our stand on the issue hasn't endeared us to most editorial boards around the state, either.

But, on a more positive note, I was reading the Indianapolis Star this morning and came across the paper's endorsement for Michael Young, a Republican running for District 35 Senate seat. Young has proposed a plan that would eliminate residential property taxes, and the Star states that the plan "deserves serious study". Young's plan does have some flaws, in my opinion, in that it doesn't include farms and businesses, and it provides mechanisms to replace lost revenue instead of reducing spending.

Even with its shortcomings, it is a plan that proposes eliminating, at least partially, a grossly unfair tax. And it has a major newspaper's editorial board looking favorably at it. If it takes a major party candidate to get the attention and help keep the ball rolling, thats alright too.

I know that is how things work.



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