Sunday, March 29, 2009

Give 'em an inch, and they'll take 36,420 square miles...

You may remember that when Indianapolis was seeking financing for the Lucas Oil Stadium, they found it necessary to expand their tax base to include the counties that surround Marion County. They called them the donut counties.

Apparently now they want a bigger donut.

The Indianapolis Capitol Improvement Board, that manages Lucas Stadium and Conseco Fieldhouse, reports that they are losing $43 million in their ventures.

There is legislation moving through the statehouse that will force all Hoosier taxpayers to pick up that tab.

As usual, I suspect we will see some of our legislators, acting indignant and claiming that already over-burdened taxpayers in Richmond, Terre Haute, Jeffersonville and Gary shouldn't be forced to bailout Indy's failing sports complexes.

And then, also as usual, I suspect they'll go ahead and stick us with the bill.



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