Sunday, March 22, 2009

On the road again...

I've never been much of a traveler. I can usually find about everything I need within 10 or 12 miles of Hagerstown, and as I've mentioned before, I don't much care for driving on interstates around cities where the posted speed limit is merely a suggested minimum.

Still, occasions tend to pop up where leaving home becomes necessary. A while back, my wife Susan received the honor of being asked to officiate at the wedding of some friends of ours. The wedding was held at the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina last weekend, so we packed our bags and loaded the car.

In order to alleviate some of my traveling anxieties, Susan borrowed a portable Global Positioning System from one of our sons. It's a little black box that plugs into the hole in the dashboard where the cigarette lighter used to be, and tells you when you should turn, how fast your driving, and how far you are from the turn you just missed.

Since I now was going to have two voices in the car telling me where to go, and since I felt the need to identify which voice I was answering, we named the GPS "Maggie", short for it's brand name, punched in our destination and embarked on our adventure.

I knew that State Road 1 was closed in Milton, so I didn't give it much thought when Maggie directed me down US Route 27. Apparently though, Maggie wasn't as smart as she thought she was, given that 27 was also closed. It was one of several instances on the trip when she muttered something unintelligible under her electronic breath, announced that she was recalculating our route, and then instructed me to turn either right or left at my next opportunity. Occasionally things got in such a mess there was nothing to do but make a U-turn and start over.

On the news that evening the report came in that President Obama had announced that the federal deficit in 2010 would most likely be twice as large as he had predicted, and that in 10 years the official federal debt could be $23 trillion.
He didn't seem to be anymore concerned about it than George Bush was when he oversaw the doubling of the federal debt while he was in office.

Turning to the left's version of big government doesn't seem to be anymore affordable than turning to the rights's version of big government. Maybe it's time we turned back to following Constitution's version of limited government.

Right, Maggie?



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