Thursday, April 09, 2009

Green Car? No Thanks...

The other day on the radio somebody suggested that we should start buying green vehicles. All I could think of was "been there, done that". The first car I ever drove was green.

It was a 1965 Rambler American. Dad bought it shortly after my older brother got his drivers license. I think four of us kids learned to drive in that car. It had really ugly vinyl seats, and an AM radio that only picked up WOWO and WERK.

It had a 196 cubic inch engine.

I got a ticket in it once for attempted speeding.

In my moderately-hippie days, I bought a 1963 Ford Econoline. It was hand brushed chartreuse green. Green shag carpet and green wheels. Somebody had replaced the original engine with a 390 cubic incher, and built a big plywood box around it. Then they covered it with more green shag carpet.

For the life of me I can't remember where I left that van.

I had a 1978 green Chevy truck. It rusted out before I got it paid for.

I've owned all the green vehicles I care to own, thank you very much.

And what's wrong with white, anyway?



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