Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I saw another article in the paper today about Pat Robertson's comments concerning the cause of the recent earthquake in Haiti. I suspicioned that he has been getting a lot more publicity over the incident than he should be getting, and when I googled "Pat Robertson Haiti", my suspicions were confirmed. It listed 11,300,000 references.

I suppose he does make an easy target for journalists and bloggers. And there are more than a few non-Christians who are having a heyday with his comments, and as far as I know, he may be fair game.

But, boring as it may be, there are also millions of Christians that are quietly continuing to donate billions of dollars, along with their time and talent, to people in need all over the world. I imagine there are millions of non-Christians doing the same thing.

And everyone of them deserves more coverage than Mr. Robertson.

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