Saturday, May 08, 2010

What took you so long?...

I saw in the Palladium-Item the other day that the government was saving $200,000.00 a year by combining a couple of departments. I say good for them. As citizens and governments continue to face declining revenues, it is going to a lot more ideas on how to save money on all of our parts.

But as much as I appreciate the latest efforts by our local officials, I have to ask, "What took you so long?" Six years ago, when the Libertarian Party of Wayne County candidates called for a 10% cut across the board in all county departments as a start for reducing government, the Pal-Item called such cuts draconian, and chastised us for not having an understanding of what it takes to operate government.
I don't expect to read the same criticisms of the proposed cuts or the people making them today.

Hopefully more people are starting to understand now what Libertarians have understood for a long time. We have a lot more government than we really need. And if we can eliminate some of it now, we could have eliminated it earlier. And if we are going to have to eliminate some of it in the future, we can go ahead and eliminate more of it now.

It's really not necessary to wait until a crisis occurs before we start cutting excessive and unnecessary spending.




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$200,000 is a drop in the bucket, but still better than an EMPTY bucket, I suppose.

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