Sunday, August 22, 2010

Symbolic of our jubilation...

One of the best parts of campaigning for the District 54 Representative seat is when my four oldest Grandchildren help hand out candy and literature at the parades we attend. It's a little symbolic, too, since one of the major reasons I'm involved with the Libertarian Party is so my Grandchildren have a chance to enjoy and afford a limited government.

It happens that there was a lot of symbolism in Saturday's Jubilee Day Parade in Hagerstown. For starters, when the parade organizer put the Libertarians in line behind the Republicans, he told me that we might have to help clean-up any mess that the Republicans made. I told him we already knew that. That's why we're in the race.

I also found it symbolic that my Republican opponent for the District 54 seat was handing out empty plastic bags, and depending on somebody else to come along later in the parade and furnish the candy to fill them up. Turns out it was same kids that are going to be paying on all the government spending that is going on today.

I also had the chance to meet my Democratic Party opponent for the District 54 seat, Bruce Gaylor:

Seemed like a really nice guy. I wished him luck and told him I hoped he finished a strong second. I also noticed that the palm cards he was handing out made no reference to the political party he represents. I can't say as I blame him for that.

My new great-nephew, Austin, came up from Texas for the weekend. This was his reaction when we told him his share of the federal debt is over $170,000.00. Talk about child abuse!

Anyway, I think the kids and the babies and Ray's basset hounds got more attention than the candidates, but I figure that's what parades are for.

See you next weekend at Archway Days in Centerville.


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