Sunday, January 30, 2011

How revolting...

JFK reportedly said that "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." Looking back, I probably wouldn't have agreed with John on a lot of topics, but I think he was pretty close to the money on this one.

Some people over in Egypt who have been living under a virtual dictator for 30 years decided it was time for a change, and since peaceful revolutions don't seem to carry a lot of weight with dictators, some of their demonstrations have turned out to be pretty violent. I don't know if it qualifies as a full blown revolution yet. Hopefully their ruler, Mr. Mubarak, will step aside and make a peaceful revolution possible. Peaceful revolutions don't seem to create as many hard feelings and funerals as the violent ones.

I hope the people in Egypt decide they want true freedom, and not just a different dictator. Time will tell, I suppose. Of course, any time you get a large group of people together, you're bound to have a few that lose sight of the goal. While some were protesting against the government, others were looting, stealing and destroying property. (They'll probably be the ones working for the new government).

I'm holding onto hope that the majority of the demonstrators, and the majority of people in Egypt envision less government and a more free society than they currently have. I'm not sure the ones that just wanted to take other peoples stuff share that vision.

We saw demonstrations last year, in Greece and England, where the protestors wanted more government and less freedom. Those governments were running out of money, and when they started cutting back on handouts, the protestors demanded higher taxes on the taxpayers to keep their funds flowing. I had a little less sympathy for those protests.

Here in the United States, we have a lot of different types and groups of people. Some of those people want more government, and some want less government. Some want more freedom, and some want less freedom. Some people want to control other people, and some people don't. There isn't always a distinct line between groups, but over the years, the groups that tend to want more government seem to have gained the upper hand. This has tended to upset the group that wants less government. Of course, when they start working to bring about less government, that tends to upset the group that wants more government.

Most of the time these differing groups have been able to co-exist, even if they
get mad at each other a lot. The problem is, our officials have been spending to much money and making to many promises, and before to long, the government is either going to have to take even more money from the people that want less government, or quit giving so much money to the people that want more government.

That's the kind of things that bring about revolutions.

I pray that it is peaceful.


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