Sunday, February 06, 2011

Run, Rahm, Run....

Several years ago, my wife Susan and I took the family to Chicago for the weekend. We tried to make an adventure out of it by riding the train up and back. The real adventure started when we were boarding the train to come back to Hagerstown on Sunday afternoon.

Turns out that Amtrak had sold more tickets than they had seats on the train, and after the girls climbed on, the conductor closed the door and informed the boys that we would have to find an alternative way home. When Susan explained to him that I had already spent way too much time in Chicago, and that it would be in everybodys' best interest to get me out of town as soon as possible, he found a couple of fold-down seats and a 5 gallon bucket for me and my sons so we could make our escape.

I never had any desire to return to Chicago. Still don't. But a couple of years ago I went out to Washington D.C. On the way back, the plane I was on had to land in Chicago. As it turned out, Chicago wouldn't let my plane leave Washington on time, and when I did manage to make it to Chicago, they had sent my flight to Indianapolis on without me. I finally made it home in about the same amount of time it would have required to drive from Washington to Hagerstown. And I wouldn't have had to go through Chicago.

Last weekend, I took Susan to the Dayton airport so she could fly to Memphis to babysit for our newest grandson for the week.
Of course, her flight had to make a quick stop in Chicago. 13 hours later she arrived in Memphis.

I drove to Memphis to pick her up in under 10 hours. And I stopped to get something to eat. Twice.

I read the other day that the courts had decided that Rahm Emanuel was qualified to be the mayor of Chicago. I was glad to hear it.

I hope he runs, and I hope he wins.

Chicago deserves him.



Anonymous Ed Bell said...

If you get a package in the mail with a Chicago return address and it smells like rotten fish I suggest that you don't open it.

8:57 PM  

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