Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas Miracle...

So I stopped in to visit with Mom and Dad a few nights ago to get Mom’s Christmas decorations down out of the attic so that she wouldn’t try to climb the ladder and get them down herself, and Dad was still wearing his new pants and a new shirt that he had put on that morning because he had two doctor appointments that day and Mom won’t let him wear his comfortable sweat pants when he has a doctor appointment. But after we got the decorations down and while we were talking Dad decided he had to go to the bathroom, so he grabbed his walker and headed back to the bathroom, and while he was in the bathroom he decided he might as well go on back to the bedroom and change in to his sweat pants since he didn’t have any more doctor appointments that day.

            So I was still in the front room talking to Mom when we heard Dad call “Phyllis!, Phyllis!” from the bedroom. So Mom gets up and hurries back to the bedroom, and in a few minutes she hurries back to the front room, past me, and out in to the garage where she gets a pair of pliers and then hurries back to the bedroom again.

            So I think I’m probably better off to just sit still and mind my own business, which I did, until I heard Mom and Dad holler “Rex!, Rex!” from the bedroom, so I hurried back and saw Dad lying on the bed and Mom standing over him with a pair of pliers in her hand, and Dad explained that after he went to the bathroom he tried to zip up his new pants and got his new shirt caught in the zipper, but he managed to hold his pants up with one hand and push his walker with his other hand until he made it to the bedroom where he sat down on the bed and continued to pull on the zipper until he gave up and called to Mom to come help, which she did, but she couldn’t budge the zipper either, so she went and got some pliers, and I told them I already knew that part.

            So Dad asked if I could get the zipper unstuck, which I tried to do, but couldn’t, so I tried with the pliers, but I still couldn’t, and Dad said it would be a miracle if we ever got it unstuck, so Mom tried to help again, holding on to the pliers with both hands and her feet propped against the footboard of the bed, and I was holding on the pliers with one hand and the knob on the Grandma’s big dresser drawer that they hadn’t been able to open for years with the other, and Dad was holding on to the headboard like grim death, and we jerked and pulled until Dad lost his grip and ended up on the floor with the drawer that hadn’t been opened for years on the floor beside him, but not before we managed to tear off the little hangy-down part of the zipper, but it was still stuck on his new shirt.

            So we helped Dad back up on the bed, and picked up Grandpa’s false teeth that fell out of the drawer when it came open that nobody had seen for 40 years, and Mom went over to her sewing basket and brought out a great big pair of scissors, and I asked Dad if he had done anything to upset Mom in the last few days, and he said not to the best of his recollection, so he decided it would be alright for her to use the scissors around the zipper area, which she did, and cut a hole in Dad’s new shirt, so he could get his sweat pants on.

            Mom thinks she can fix the shirt, since the part she cut on will be tucked inside of Dad’s new pants as soon as he gets them, but I don’t think anybody wants to try to save those pants. But Dad thought it was indeed a miracle that we got the shirt loose from the zipper, and Mom said it was a miracle that we got the drawer on the dresser open, and I thought it was a miracle that we found Grandpa’s teeth, and we all agreed that was exactly what it was, a Christmas miracle!

            So Merry Christmas, and God bless us, everyone.

And I promised Dad I wouldn’t tell anybody about any of this, so I’m trusting that none of you will mention it to him. Thanks.