Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Great American SmokeOut....

     I gave up smoking about 30 years ago. It wasn't easy. I don't know if cigarettes are physically addictive as much as they are mentally addictive, but most people that quit will admit that it is quite a battle. Some people even claim they simply can't quit. I felt the same way at first, so I can sympathize with those folks, but the simple truth is, if you want to quit and decide to do it, you can do it.

     And the longer you go without smoking, the easier it gets, and the better you feel.

     A lot of people believe we can't survive without government. They think it is essential, and the argument could certainly be made that parts of it are. The parts that protect us from force and fraud, foreign and domestic. And maybe a few other duties specified in the Constitution.

     But here's the thing. Our federal government has been "shut-down" for over 30 days now. Not all of it by any means, but some of it, anyway. And a lot of people are starting to figure out what Libertarians have known all along. We don't need as much government as we have. A lot of what it does we can do better by ourselves, and some of what it does that is marginally "essential" can be handled better by state and local government.

     There are over 22 million government employees, and some of them at the federal level would have to find or create employment in the private sector, just like the rest of us. And when more people find out how much more affordable limited government is, probably some government employees at the state and local level will have to find or create jobs in the private sector, just like the rest of us.

     Some people will try to convince us that it can't be done, but if we can make it 30 days, we can make it another 30 days, and another. We just need enough of us to decide we can do it.