Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sorry Mitch, more bad news.

I know that Governor Daniels is having a hard time getting some of his initiatives through the statehouse, and I hate to be the one to bring him more bad news. But, after learning that he is planning on making another trip to Asia to promote trade, I decided to do a little investigating.

It turned out just as I suspected, and worse. Not only are Japan and South Korea in a different time zone than Indiana, sometimes they're not even on the same day!!!

How in the world will we be able to deal with something like that if we have such a hard time doing business with a neighboring state that is in a different zone?

This can't be good. This can't be good at all.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Thanks Harry

It could be that there is such a thing as inevitable discovery, so maybe I would have stumbled across the Libertarians anyway. But my first contact with the LP was hearing Harry Browne speak at the 2000 convention. I clicked on CNN, Harry was explaining the great libertarian offer, and I was mesmerized. It was the first time I had heard anybody say what I actually thought.

That single speech prompted me to get involved. It changed me from a complacent, accepting Republican into a mad Libertarian. He pretty well ruined my life, and to that I say, "Thanks Harry".

I met Harry in Indianapolis in 2002, and saw and heard him many times at conventions and seminars since. Always upbeat, always inspirational, always classy.

The Libertarians have a lot of good ideas that attract a lot of good people. We also have a lot of good ideas that attract a lot of nutcases.

Harry Browne was one of the great ones. And you sure hate to lose one of those.
Good-bye Harry. And thanks again.