Saturday, May 13, 2006

What about Bob?

Although not as severe as the type his opponent in the Republican primary endorses, Indiana Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Garton certainly took a flogging in the May 2nd election, and continues to receive a literary flogging from writers around the state. And deservedly so. His refusal to admit to the absurdity of the health care plan that our legislators enjoy was quite possibly the major cause of his defeat.
But as voters and taxpayers, we need to remember that every legislator knew about this blatant misuse of public funds, but not one was opposed to it before it became public knowledge.
It’s called situational ethics. Voters can’t put any more faith in that type of official than they can in one that chases prevailing public opinion to decide what is right or wrong.
If the people we have been sending to represent us in Indianapolis or Washington base their opinion of right or wrong on whether or not they get caught, then we need to send in some new people.
Hoosiers started doing a little House (and Senate) cleaning on May 2nd. They need to do a little more on November 7th.


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