Sunday, December 03, 2006

Plan B....

The other day, a local apologist for big government suggested that Libertarian candidates quit saying what they won't do and come up with an actual plan for how they would govern.

Actually, a lot of Libertarian candidates have come up with an actual plan. A lot of those plans were explained during the last campaign. And a lot of those plans included things that government should not do at all, along with things government should do less of. Actually, Libertarians would govern very little. One of the biggest problems this country faces is the overwhelming opinion that every problem needs to be addressed with another government program, or by re-working or expanding an existing government program.

And a lot people who are of that opinion will probably not be accepting of libertarian ideas or Libertarian candidates. But lower taxes and less regulation is an actual, workable plan, and everybody doesn't have to accept that. All it takes is a little over a third of the voters in a three party system, or a little over half of the voters in a two party system, and we can start heading things in the right direction. And the last time out I received 23% of the vote in Wayne County in a three way race.

And we've already elected a couple of Libertarians in Wayne County, so maybe people are starting to figure out that they can control their own lives and their own money better than someone else.

Now that's a plan.


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