Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let's not make it too easy...

Jo Ann Stewart, Wayne County Voter Registration Supervisor, talked about the Vote Center program at the LPWC Convention Saturday evening.

The Vote Center program will reduce the number of polling sites, expand the number of days the polls are open, and allow people to vote at any polling site in their county.

I understand the reasoning. It's getting harder to find locations that meet ADA requirements. There are entire townships in Wayne County that don't have an acceptable building. And it's getting harder to find pollworkers, and the ones they're finding aren't getting any younger. I suppose having the polls open for a week, and allowing people to vote where it is most convenient would make it easier.
I suppose that's a good thing.

But there is also talk of "vote by mail", where ballots would be mailed to voters, and the mailed back to the clerk.

We are currently seeing the results of people who vote without giving it much thought. What kind of a mess would we have if able-bodied voters won't put forth the effort to even leave their home.


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