Thursday, April 26, 2007

Same old same old....

It was like driving by an accident. I couldn't help but look. The leading Democrat candidates faced off in a forum/debate tonight. Dennis Kusinich was awfully proud of his pocket copy of the Constitution, and insisted that the government should adhere to it. But listening to him, I suspect he has torn out some of the pages, and added some new ones of his own.

All of the candidates, save Mr. Gravel, had some grandiose plans for the citizens in healthcare, education and energy plans. Still, that haunting question kept coming to me.

How much is it going too cost, and who is going to pay for it?

Unfortunately,the answer is still the same. Nobody has any idea how much it's going to cost, but we all know who's going to pay for it.


Blogger Mike Kole said...

Rex- Dennis Kucinich was my US Rep when I lived in Cleveland. We had a phrase to describe him: "myopic Stalinist dwarf". It was astonishing to see the "Boy Mayor" bring Cleveland to default in the late 70s, and his punishment was election to the US House. Alas, I live in Indiana now. Not much made any sense in Cle, and Dennis is my personal token that reminds me of so many things I happily left behind.

Yeah, he's big on the parts of the Constitution that suit him. Don't get me wrong- I'm glad that he's in favor of about 6 of the 10 Amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights. It would be refreshing if he included the other ones as well.

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