Sunday, May 20, 2007

He wouldn't say it if it wasn't true...

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that you might want to keep an eye on Ron Paul in the Republican Presidential Primary Debates if you were interested in a candidate that was truly interested in restoring a truly Constitutional government.

I also mentioned that I assumed he would temper his presentation to the party faithful, but I hoped he wouldn't temper his views. As it turns out, he decided not to temper either.

In case you missed it, Paul connected the U.S. policy towards Iraq for the last several years with the 9/11 attacks. The comment gave Rudy Gulianni a chance to play to the crowd with some of his typical grandstanding, calling for a retraction from Paul.

This is where I thought Paul might have tempered his message. You can't expect a statement like he made to play well with that hand-picked audience that was in the room. He could have made a generic reference to the fact that our global meddling has overstretched our military, helped to wreck our budget, and made us susceptible to terrorist attacks, and possibly not have given Rudy such an opening. But Dr. Paul didn't ask for my advice, and if someone relayed it to him, apparently he didn't take it anyway.

The bad news is a lot of Republicans are trying to bar Ron Paul from future debates. It seems they don't want someone representing the party that is willing to point out the mistakes the party has made. They certainly don't someone who places the Constitution above party politics.

The good news is that Ron Paul and his libertarian philosophy, aside from doing well in the unscientific post-debate polls at MSNBC and FOX, is picking up steam in a lot of areas outside of the mainstream media. And while that may not be good news for some Republicans, it's good news for anyone that longs for limited government.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can think of many ways to describe Rudyboy and his show audience but better not. Repub and Demo deck stacking doesn't even have to be done in the shadows anymore. I have an equally low opinion of any of the two party faithful that would cheer denial of honest debate.

K Wickes

11:37 PM  
Blogger Nicolas Martin said...

Unlike the LP phonies, Ron Paul doesn't trim and evade. He tackles issues square on. As a result, his campaign has captured the imagination of many Americans, and he is getting a lot of media coverage, while the next LP candidate for president will sink into the customary and well-deserved oblivion. A dollar contribution and a vote for Paul helps to put the message of liberty in front of Americans. Meanwhile the LP faithful will be twiddling their fingers and complaining that Ron is too candid and not "tempered". Let the LPers toss principle while Dr. Ron shows the courage of his convictions!

10:07 PM  

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