Thursday, May 03, 2007

This ain't Burger King....

Sorry, no substituitons. You don't get it your way.

Even though we’re right in the middle of the 2007 primaries, the 2008 presidential race is already in the spotlight. I was glad to see that all of the Democrat contenders in last week’s forum are in favor of getting us out of Iraq. I felt a couple of them were honestly opposed to the war, though the rest of the group left me with the impression that they had locked their moral compass onto the prevailing public opinion. Still, it gives me hope that there are candidates leaning that way. The problem is, it’s a package deal. If you choose one of these candidates on their current Iraq view, you also get a plethora of budget busting social programs that are guaranteed to add to our $50 trillion debt, even with the higher taxes that would supposedly pay for those programs.

This week, the Republican candidates weigh in. While we won’t see the consensus against the war that the Democrats seem to have, we will at least detect a hint of a desire to bring the war to an end, and I’m fairly certain that desire will increase as public sentiment grows and the 2008 primaries get closer. But even if you do feel better about voting for a Republican, and even if you do find one in favor of bringing the troops home, or possibly just moving them to another country, it’s still a package deal. You also get wealth distribution through corporate and individual welfare, pork by the barrel, a growing national debt, and a loss of personal freedom along with the same selective respect for the Constitution that the Democrats have.

Except for one. You might want to keep an eye on Ron Paul. He’s a libertarian running for the Republican nomination. I wish he was running for the Libertarian nomination, but he’s chosen a different plan. Maybe another time. He is the only candidate from either of the major parties that consistently opposes government overreach, and he’s the only candidate from either of the major parties that could take the oath to uphold the Constitution and really mean it.

I assume he will temper his presentation to reach more Republican voters in this voting, but I also trust that he won’t temper his views.

Watch him on MSNBC Thursday evening at 8:00 and see what you think.


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