Thursday, November 15, 2007


We had a preacher when I was younger that had a propensity for extended prayers. He would ask for needed blessings, and then take the opportunity to announce the Wednesday night Men's Fellowship, the upcoming Chili Supper, and a multitude of other events. It was one time I thought we should consider limiting what we should include in our prayers.

I see the ACLU is again trying to ban prayer by the General Assembly in Indianapolis. While I disagree with their line of reasoning, I do understand that some people fear a legislator's personal opinions might affect public policy. That might be a legitimate concern, considering the amount of power we have given to our government.

For the greater good, however, I think we should make daily prayer mandatory in the legislature. I also think we should hire a man like my old preacher to do the honors. If they spent 4 or 5 hours praying every day, they wouldn't have near as much time to pass new laws, spend our money, and raise our taxes.

Just a thought.


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I like your idea.

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