Monday, February 18, 2008

Throw me a rope....

Our preacher told a story a while back about a man who had climbed onto the roof of his house during a flood. When a boat approached to take him to safety, he sent it on it's way, explaining that he trusted the Lord to save him. He gave the same explanation to the next boat that approached as the water continued to rise. By the time a third boat arrived, the water had forced him to the top of his chimney, and again he told it's occupants of his faith that the Lord would save him. He watched the boat floating away as the water swept him to his death.

As he stood at the Pearly Gates, he complained to Saint Peter that the Lord had abandoned him in his hour of need, to which Saint Peter replied, "What do you want? He sent you three boats!"

There is currently a wave of discontent rising among American voters. Congress is struggling to keep it's approval rating in double digits. The President's rating only slightly higher. Our tax burden is increasing, we have troops in 140 countries around the world, and each person's share of the federal debt, including current and future obligations, amounts to $168,000.00.

So a lot of people are looking for a 'change'. Unfortunately, a lot of people also believe that change will come from electing the same type of people that got us into this mess. Meanwhile, the water keeps rising.

I certainly don't believe that Ron Paul was sent from above. I do believe he represented a chance for the American people to turn the tide of growing government. Not nearly enough people grabbed on.

There's going to be some other candidates on the ballot across the country, mostly Libertarians, that would like nothing better than to start reducing the size and lowering the cost of government before it drowns us all.

So what are we waiting for?


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