Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just shoot me...

There are always some facts of life we must accept no matter how disappointing or distasteful they might be. Barring some sort of miracle, John McCain, Barak Obama, or Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. I wish it wasn't so.

I wish we had a viable candidate that was willing to bring our troops home and reduce spending. Unfortunately, the candidate who claims he will bring most of the troops home the quickest also has plans to saddle taxpayers an extra $1.4 trillion in domestic spending during the course of his term.

Our choices are, 1, almost end the war soon and increase spending, or 2, end the war a little later, unless we can't, and increase spending, or 3, stay in Iraq for the next 100 years and increase spending, only not as much as the other guys, unless we need to.

If ever the voters needed another option, this is the time. The other day someone said that if somebody put a gun to his head and told him to vote for one of these three candidates, he would have to tell them to just pull the trigger.

I would have to agree.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well maybe the libertarian party will save the day, but oh that’s right, trying to get a bunch of individuals together working for a common goal is impossible. Well maybe its time you started to work for change in the GOP rather than whining.

7:57 PM  
Blogger Rex Bell said...

Well jeff, that might sound like a good idea, but as Ron Paul found out, the GOP is not particularly accepting of libertarian ideas. I believe I'll continue working to grow the LP. Thanks for the suggestion though.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It has nothing to do with the GOP, but everything with the American voter. Americans were not going to vote for Ron Paul, but hopefully his effort will lead the way for another candidate of like mind. But Ron Paul ran as a republican, not a libertarian and in that is the message. Change cannot come through the LP, but through a grass roots effort in the GOP. This is what Ron paul is making happen.

Anyway, good luck with your social club.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Rex Bell said...

O.K. Thanks.

1:17 PM  

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