Friday, April 25, 2008

Does anybody really know what time it is?...

Does any body really care?

Apparently. At a time when a lot of people are struggling to keep their taxes and bills paid, Wayne County officials want to spend $20,000.00 to synchronize their watches. From the Palladium-Item website:

"Fred Griffin, emergency management director, told commissioners Wednesday morning about plans to purchase a more than $20,000 system that would keep the clocks used by all the emergency services consistent, including police and fire, in Wayne County and Richmond."

Here's a suggestion. How about pulling out that cell phone that we're already paying for and checking the time on it.

I can't say for sure that they will be right, but you can bet they will be consistent.

Then they could apply the $20,000.00 to the $50,000.00 they want to spend on a feasibility study to see if we need an industrial park next to our industrial park.

Or not.


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