Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How much is it going to cost, and who is going to pay for it?

I try to be careful about criticizing the major party presidential candidates. It's not that they don't need it, but all to often criticizing a Democrat is assumed to be an endorsement for the Republican, and vice versa. This morning at coffee, when I was talking about how much money Barak Obama's proposed programs were going to cost, another coffee drinker at the table asked, "Well, would you rather stay in Iraq for 100 years?" I asked him if there was a way to control spending and bring the troops home. He said that wasn't an option.

That's a shame.

By the way, Senator Wayne Allard from Colorado had some studies done on the cost of Obama's programs. I'm sure he used our money to pay for the studies, and for what its worth, this is what he found:

"Sen. Obama has offered 188 campaign proposals that would add up to at least $300 billion in new annual spending. That has a 5-year cost of more than $1.4 TRILLION.
Of the 188 new spending proposals, the $300 billion price tag only covers 111 proposals. There are another 77 proposals with unknown cost estimates that will add billions to this number.
This new spending, if enacted, would represent an almost 10% increase over the President’s FY 2009 budget.
To put this in perspective, this $300 billion spending proposals would cost more than 42 states’ budgets combined (general fund expenditures). It is more than the United States spent last year on imported oil ($294 billion net). It is more than 60% larger than any one-year federal spending increase, ever."

We have an idea how much it is going to cost. And if you are a taxpayer, I think you have a pretty good idea who is going to pay for it.

As I have stated many times in the past, we shouldn't have to choose between a fiscally responsible domestic policy and a sane foreign policy. But if your voting for the Republican or the Democrat, you can't have both, and your going to end up paying a lot for the one that you don't get.


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