Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things are tough all over...

There was a story on the evening news about the financial difficulties the city of Louisville, Kentucky is facing. In order to stay afloat, the mayor has decided to park non-essential government vehicles.

My question would be, if they are non-essential, what was the government doing with them in the first place?

Here in Wayne County, the City of Richmond is finally considering limiting take-home police cars as a cost cutting measure. Again, I don't understand why elected officials and bureaucrats only worry about saving taxpayers money when there is a crisis. Wouldn't it make more sense to operate the government as economically as possible all of the time?

At any rate, I hope the city is able to save a lot of gasoline with its new policy. Maybe we can combine it with the gas the sheriff will save with his new motorcycle, and perhaps come up with enough to drive the department's Armored Personnel Carrier around the block to show off its new paint job.

Maybe not.

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