Friday, January 16, 2009

And that's the truth....spllllllll...

Facts are facts, and opinions are opinions. Truth, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder, and what qualifies as truth could fall into either category. With that in mind, we might want to keep a wary eye on State Representatives Randy Truitt and Mark Messmer. They have introduced House Bill No.1521, which, among other things, makes it a misdemeanor to write a letter to the editor containing information about a candidate that someone might consider untrue. My friend Mark Rutherford has more on the bill, including links, here:

Every so often someone introduces a really dumb piece of legislation, and every so often that piece of legislation gets shot down. This needs to one of those times, in my opinion.

But then, every so often, somebody introduces a piece of legislation that actually makes a little sense. Beverly Gard introduced Senate Bill 202, which requires municipalities to obtain signatures from 75% of the property owners in an area before they can start annexation proceedings. Now granted, it doesn't require 75% in every case, and by all rights it should require signatures from 100% of the property owners in the potenial annexation area, but it is at least closer to the type of law that we should be able to expect from our government.

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