Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I been thinkin'...

about money:

*I saw the other day that John Thain, ex CEO of Merrill Lynch, had spent $1.22 million on remodeling his office. He had some fine tastes in furniture, too:

Area Rug $87,784
Mahogany Pedestal Table $25,713
19th Century Credenza $68,179
Pendant Light Furniture $19,751
4 Pairs of Curtains $28,091
Pair of Guest Chairs $87,784
George IV Chair $18,468
6 Wall Sconces $2,741
Parchment Waste Can $1,405
Roman Shade Fabric $10,967
Roman Shades $7,315
Coffee Table $5,852
Commode on Legs $35,115
I don't know if Mr. Thain has found another job yet, but given his penchant for expensive furniture, he might want to get in touch with the Wayne County EDC when they start looking for another president again.

*In the 1965 James Bond movie, "Thunderball", the evil organization S.P.E.C.T.R.E. seized two atomic bombs and threatened to detonate them unless they were paid $100 million. Luckily, 007 was able to thwart the plan, and squeeze in a little romance to boot. James is getting on in years, so he might not be as much help nowadays, but the good news is, if S.P.E.C.T.R.E. was to try it again, we could pay the ransom 8250 times just with the new stimulus package. Probably wouldn't make much of a movie, though.

*When the RCA Dome was demolished, taxpayers still owed $70 million on it, or just about as much as it cost to build in the first place. Its replacement, the Lucas Oil Stadium, is on track to lose about $20 million a year. If it lasts as long as the RCA Dome lasted, and added to the initial cost of the new stadium, we could very possibly owe $1 billion on it when we tear it down. See what you can do when you really try.

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